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Patriot IT, an IT Outsourcing Company

When it comes to your IT support, you have two choices: in-house or outsourced. While outsourcing IT services might seem impersonal, it actually offers you, the business owner, a variety of benefits you won’t get if you hire a full-time IT employee. Patriot IT, the premier IT outsourcing company in Brevard & Indian River Counties Florida, proves that outsourcing IT support is the best option for any business.

Patriot IT has established a cost-cutting, top-level brand of IT support that focuses on proactive management solutions. Located in Palm Bay, Florida, you can be assured that when you request support, it won’t be from a foreign call center that barely speaks english or an out of state company that has no idea about how your company runs. It will be from locals, just like you.

Our IT outsourcing company is designed to proactively manage your technology in a way that proves vital for your businesses productivity and growth, all while reducing your cost of IT ownership.


Enabling companies who choose to partner with Patriot IT the ability to increase their productivity and growth, while reducing their cost of IT ownership.


Our sound technical and proactive management approach gives you more reliability and peace of mind. Our goal is to head off issues before they become a problem.


Partnering with Patriot allows you and your business to gain competitive advantage. Our services are unmatched in providing top level support.


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As Military Veterans we served & protected our Country, Now let us do the same for your Local Business so you can Focus on Business, Not your IT!